Adventures of a Canadian Theatre Gypsy

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Jack Paterson

” ..a daring Shakespeare production.. riveted on a play we’ve seen many times – but never like this.”  – Jo Ledingham, The Courier

“..a powerful immediacy…a refreshingly in-your-face treatment of Julius Caesar” – Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Province

“Julius Caesar was set in Washington, D.C. Pardon me? How could this work? As it turns out – brilliantly.” – Leanne Campbell, The Westender

Featuring in speaking order: Chris Britton* as Julius Caesar, Christina Schild* as Soothsayer/ Decius Brutus /Pindarus, Craig Erickson* as Antony, Kevin Williamson* as Cassius, Craig March* as Brutus, Keith Martin Gordey* as Caska/ Brutus, Paul Herbert* as Caska, Samantha Simmonds as Lucius/ Cinna the Poet/ Titinius, Kate Braidsworth as Lucius/ Cinna the Poet, Lucia Frangione* as Portia, Karen Rae as Portia, Ian Farthing*as Cinna/ Strato, Fabrice Grover*as Mettelus Cimber, Julia Henderson as Decius Brutus/ Calpurnia, Teryl Rothery*as Calpurnia/ Strato, Robin Mooney as Octavius and Jaime Ogden as Lepidus

Directed by Jack Paterson*

Set Design by Al Frisk Costume
Design by Moira Fentum
Lighting Design by Melissa Powel
Production Management by Sean Cummings

Stage Management by Connie Hosie* Assistant Stage Management by Kirsti Mikoda

* Members of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association or U.B.C.P.

The Vancouver Courier: Top Theatre Productions of 2005

Jessie Award Nominations 2004/2005: Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor – Craig Erickson (Antony) Outstanding Direction – Jack Paterson


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