Adventures of a Canadian Theatre Gypsy

The Hobbit, Carousel Theatre

“Director Jack Paterson instead relies on the simple things that live theatre does best…a particularly effective example of Paterson’s drive for artistic effectiveness…”
Peter Bernie, The Vancouver Sun

Carousel Theatre
The Hobbit
by J. R. R. Tolkien
Adapted by Kim Selody

Directed by Jack Paterson

Set by Al Frisk
Costumes by Jay Havens
Lighting by Itai Erdal with Jeff Harrison
Sound Design and Composition by Jeff Tymoschuk

Kristian Ayre, Stefano Giulianetti, Josue Laboucane, Tamara McCarthy, Parnelli Parnes, Luc Roderique, Craig Erickson and Ashley Liu

2008- Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Nominations:
Kristian Ayre, Outstanding Performance, The Hobbit
Tamara McCarthy, Outstanding Performance, The Hobbit
Itai Erdal & Jeff Harrison, Outstanding Design (Lighting), The Hobbit
Outstanding Production, The Hobbit

Photos by Itai Erdal


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